Success! OS X & DSL using Surf Doubler


This is for those 2 system owners out there. I have both a G4 and a Pismo PowerBook and have been using Vicomsoft's Surf Doubler via Airport to get my PowerBook connect to the Net while using Mac OS 9. Now that I have OS X, I tinkered a bit and can connect to the Net while in OS X by using my G4 with Surf Doubler to connect PPoE with my DSL Pacbell account, and then I setup my PowerBook with OS X to use DHCP so it can see the Net via Surf Doubler. Works great other than no Airport support. I had to use my Ethernet Hub to connect the PowerBook to the G4. So right now, my G4 is connected PPoE to Pacbell via DSL service and my PowerBook is using OS X in DHCP mode to see the Internet. Works great. Now, please, APPLE, get Airport working in OS X so I can chuck this darned Ethernet Hub.