sudo sh /etc/rc


Hi Folks,

I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with a quick question. I use this command below on my laptop to demo the finder rebooting under 10.1

sudo sh /etc/rc

I have just updated to 10.2 it does not work I have checked the etc folder and the rc app is in there. But I get the following error command not found.

Any Ideas?????/


Writer, et. al.
Or, be a bit twisted and enjoy what happens when you:

sudo SystemStarter -g

disclaimer: you're on your own afterwards!


Did sudo systemstarter -g work under 10.1 ???? I cant try this now as I have upgraded both of my machines to 10.2 now.

I thought the files in /etc were applications, sorry if I sound really silly for asking but as my nan used to say if you dont ask you will always look silly.


Writer, et. al.
SystemStarter definitely works under 10.2: it was the /etc/rc file in Jaguar that I was reading when i came up with it. :) Do this:
$ [b]tail -10 /etc/rc[/b]
# Start System Services

# Set language from CDIS.custom - assumes this is parse-able by sh
. /var/log/CDIS.custom 

SystemStarter -g ${VerboseFlag} ${SafeBoot}

exit 0
and you can see the invocation of SystemStarter right there! :)


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Under 10.1.5 just execute 'SystemStarter'. The '-g' option doesn't exist under 10.1.5. The /etc/rc file only invokes "SystemStarter ${VerboseFlag}"