"sudo" since Security Update from Apple


The MacFixIt site notes that after the Security Update the use of

sudo open -a {application}

is disabled. I'm trying to edit the httpd.conf file (to add .shtml support) and the system won't let me edit this file now. What, if any, is the new procedure for doing this?

(I'm still pretty new at this! :) )
Use a different text editor. Do like this:

sudo pico /etc/httpd/httpd.conf

That works! Another editor is vi but it sucks :p
just restrained....

you can open applications with sudo just they will not be owned as root.

The Pseudo application has already updated and claims a work around....unconfirmed.
app carries a (beta) tag at this moment.

You can open BBEdit 6.5. I assume you can use the [lite] version

And, there is a new authorization dialog built into the application.

you can now unlock and edit any file as any user, but you need a password to overwrite a protected location.

when you open GUI apps they will not be under root user

Other than that, like the previous post.


vi does not "suck" it is just "different".
I used pico to edit the file and everything is working well! Thanks for the quick reply!! :D