Suggestion to All


I want to give a suggestion to all.

I have read the messages that I found all the messages only give the suggestions. They don't give any commandline. If I am not wrong that all Mac user is poor in using UNIX, especially commandline to configure the system.

My suggestion is that when you give the solution, can you give the commandline to do that? Just for Mac user who are not familar with UNIX.

Configuring MacOSX from the command line is harder than most Unices because instead of plain text config files OSX uses netinfo, something I know nothing about. But then again I'm a mac user ;)

The only time you would want to user the CLI tools for NetInfo is if your system has crashed and you can't boot into graphic mode. (Or for import/export tasks maybe).
Normal configuration may as well be done using NetInfoManager.
Besides that I agree, adding the commands neccessary to accomplish a task is simply good style.
Haven't you guys heard of man? You know, the UNIX manual where you can find these commands? Hrm?

If it were a snake you would be dead and twitchin'

man niutil
man nidump
man niload

NetInfo is actually easier to use on the command line. Even if you want to use arcane file formats you can niload them or nidump to create them