Suggestions for Video Cards with a Quad Monitor setup...


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I have a Dual 500MHz G4 [gigabit ethernet]. I think it has a 2x AGP port [the 4x ones came out with the release of the 733?]

I have 4 monitors, 2 19" ADI Microscan 6Ps a 21" 3M Digital and a 21" Hitatchi Digital. The 21" Hitachi is a better monitor than the 3M one because it supports higher resolutions and higher refresh rates. I Guess the best thing to do would be to use the Hitachi as my primary monitor, the two ADIs as secondary monitors and the 3M one to watch DVDs on [when 10.1 comes out].

Right now I have 1 AGP 16MB Ati Rage Pro and 1 PCI 16MB Ati Rage Pro. I am looking for good PCI video cards to serve the secondary monitors. More importantly, I want to upgrade my primary video card to a GeForce2.

Can I upgrade to a AGP GeForce2 with my system? What would you recommend for PCI video cards to use the 3rd and 4th monitors with?
Well, I'm envious.

What about those dual-monitor cards? I wonder if you could use a pair of those - one AGP and one PCI. Or at least one dual-AGP and two regular PCI.

Thats a possibility I suppose...I wonder how Quake 3 performs with an AGP card that supports 2 monitors...
The only ones I've seen support one VGA and one Digital LCD screen...which won't help me. Have you seen others?
I thought Matrox made dual-head cards for analog monitors, but I'm not sure if you need special software for Macs or if they have it.