super-annoying Mac OS X file sharing bug


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The samba file sharing works pretty well, even though there is no GUI to connect to the PC host, other than a window to type in its network name.

If you type in the correct name and password, Mac OS X mounts the PC computer as a drive on the desktop, so you use the OS X GUI from there to navigate and copy to the drive.

For me, that's fine.

The really ANNOYING thing though is this... anytime I access the mounted disk, and / or copy files to it (which works fine)... Mac OS X writes STUPID invisible files to it, but they are not invisible on Windows OS.

So if I go to the PC machine later, I'll see all the files Mac OS X put there.

They are:

for every file [filename] you copy to a folder, you get a duplicate ._[filename] in the same folder, which is just trash you might as well throw away or it clutters your PC machine's folders.

.DS_Store is also trash, it really serves no purpose. Deleting that gives no problems on windows or Mac OS X, except OS X will rewrite it every time you access folders and stuff on the mounted drive.

What's the deal with it?????????

Oh, and if you delete something off the mounted drive, OS X puts its invisible ._Trashes folder there, too! (And leaves it there even after the file is deleted ... D'oh!!!)



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I know what you mean about the .DS_Store and 1k invisible files that OS X deposits on Windows volumes. I work on a PC at my day job (ack), and have to bring files back and forth every other day on a zip disk, and OS X dumps these files on them too...

Here's an explanation...

.DS_Store is an invisible file that OS X uses to store desktop information, much like OS 9 did with FINDER.DAT files. The "._" invisible files you see I believe are resource fork files that OS X uses to show Icons information and general "Get Info" information as well.

I got so tired of dealing with them, I purchased MacDrive2000 for Windows, and now, I can transport my work on a Mac formatted disk, where the invisible files stay invisible.

I've already sent Apple a complaint about this at I suggest you do the same...


I also see the .trashes, .ds_store files and .trashes folder from a pc or mac using OS9 or earlier, that I cannot see from X. I don't see the .filename for every file I copy to our NT server. Another annoying bug I have is when I try to delete folders (not all) I get a file is busy alert. The files are not busy, as I can usually delete all of them, but not the folder. I can delete the folder from any other OS - ie. 9x, NT or MacOS 9.I have used ResEdit to make the files invisible in the more widely accessed shares so other users aren't seeing them and wondering what they are.


If you use something like Tinker Tool to make hidden files visible you'll also start seeing these files on your local disks...