Super Drive Rejects Dvd-rs


Recently the super drive in my 15" AL Powerbook has been rejecting DVD-Rs. I've tried a few brands, have no problem with CD-R/RWs nor any problems with DVD playback. However, when I try to burn a DVD-R the drive always spits it out. I am able to burn the DVDs on my PC so it's likely not bum media. Any ideas?


Try using a CD/DVD drive cleaner. (They tend to resemble a CD with tiny brushes on the underside.)

A little while ago, my SuperDrive read CDs without problem, read games off DVDs, could play movies on DVD, and all seemed fine, but, when I tried to install Tiger, the SuperDrive could not read the disk... This was inspite of CDs and games on DVD still working fine, and I suspected a faulty Tiger installation disk at first. I decided to try a lens cleaner before I jumped to conclusions, and found that the Tiger DVD was readable after that, much to my pleasant surprise!

It may or may not solve the problem but it is certainly an inexpensive method to try out.