Super Drive


I use popcorn to burn dvd's on my g4 power book w/ superdrive I use dvd-r and until last week have had no problems. Now when I insert a blank dvd-r the drive will not recognize it. It makes a few not-so-funny little sounds like it's trying to recognize the disc then it ejects it. I have no problem burning cd's or playing dvd's. So do ya think my dvd writer is trashed or is it a software issue ? thanks geotech

Robn Kester

I heart nothing
Its wierd. This problem has been happening with alot of people over the last few months. Me included.

My superdrive will burn DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW, and will play commercial DVDs (movie and computer), and DVDs burned on my friends Windows machine. But it will not accept any DVD-R I have burned with it or on my other Mac, even discs I know used to work in it. Just spits them out.

I hate to have to buy an external DVD-R just to read these stupid discs. But if i Have a problem and need to restore something I might have no choice. (Aside from reinstalling the Apple CD-R/DVD-Rom, bleh!!!)