Super Hot Powerbook keeps melting feet!


My powerbook runs super hot! After I melted my OEM feet and then my high temp rated (140 degrees) aftermarket feet (PAWZ). I am worried that I am doing damage to my internals. After testing I see the processor temp upwards of 150 degrees on some occassions. I bought a podium to increase air circulation and I am still above 140. I am looking for a portable cooling solution. Any ideas?


What make model is your PowerBook. I have a 1.5GHz G4 and it runs around 46 degrees C most of the time.

Are you playing games when you start to get the buring smell or some other intensive CPU tasks?


PS - what units is your temp? Not Celsius I hope!


I have a 1.25Ghz Powerbook w/ 2 Gigs of RAM. I am running memory intense Pro Tools with tons of RTAS (real-time-audio-plugins) and lots of firewire peripherals. The measure is in degrees F not C.


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To bridge the standard/metric barrier: 46C is 115F :: 140F is 60C :: 150F is 65.5C


Under a heavy load, that's not uncommon for a G4 PowerBook. A lot of Seti@Home users have reported PBs reaching the 140F/60C level when running their program and other programs like it. On a side note, P4 based Dell laptops have been reported at over 167F/75C before......I've heard numbers for some of the early AMD64 based laptops...I'm still trying to figure out how they don't catch wood desks on fire.

You may want to reconsider your use of a laptop. Contrary to popular belief they are not truly a desktop replacement. Granted todays laptops can do the majority of things we need to do...that doesn't mean they're designed for it. The main goal of a laptop is portability, which comes at a cost. In order to be portable, you have to make some concessions. You also have a major heat issue when you run the machine flat out. Maybe a PowerMac would be a good idea to invest in.


I use my PowerBook to the extreme of 24+ hours of compiling stuff at 100% processor usage with max 62 C. No damage to feet or wooden support. No active cooling system. So I think there is rather something wrong with your LRF (Little Rubber Feet) support, not with the PB.


As many have experienced, these things get hot. Does anyone have a positive or negative experience with Cool Lap 2 or 3? From what I gather it raises the book, includes 2 USB powered fans and works as a USB hub as well. I am wondering if it is high noise or bulky, etc?