Super , Super do needed ?


echo $row['what_tha'];
I have some files that were from my classic install, of which is now removed (Long story) ... and will not delete.... I can not chmod , sudo rm them. I get denied on everything I try and do..

Any tricks to "By gosh removing (Nuke, Explode, set fire, sink to the bottom of the ocean) a file that just will not go away ?



echo $row['what_tha'];
Yes.... and the lock checkbox is also greyed out, not letting me unlock it....


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hmm... maybe they're owned by another user? sudo chown them to yourself, then see if you can unlock them.


echo $row['what_tha'];
well that's what I have been trying but when I do I get this, on any chmod option I try......

[localhost:/transfer/vncbeta3ppc] grininmonkey% sudo chmod go= "ReadMe - Visual Balloons"
chmod: ReadMe - Visual Balloons: Operation not permitted


While you're sitting in Terminal, what does

ls -lo <filename>

show? If you see 'uchg' in there, then run

sudo chflags nouchg <filename>

then try what you were trying to do before. See 'man chflags' for some more information.