Super user ????


I have been told to go into the terminal and type in su for super user. Whe i do it asks me for a password but i have tried all the password i have entered in to the OS and none work.

Any ideas
sudo /bin/tcsh

then use your first user password you created when installing OS X.

to change the root password: passwd


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The way I used to enable the super user was this. Go to Applications/Utilities and launch, "NetInfo Manager"

Under the "Domain" menu, there is a submenu called, "Security". You may first have to select the item there called, "Authenticate..." Just use your normal password.

Once you have authenticated (you might not need to do it), then select the item in the security menu called, "Enable Root User".

It will ask you for a password. After this, you will be able to "su" and use the password you specified.
Just remember "su" stands for "switch user" not super user. "su" gives you a root shell with you env settings and "su -" gives you a root shell with roots env.