OK, I've hit a wall. I need to figure out how to become a "super-user".
this apparently will allow you to do things that even "root" user will not allow.
Does anyone have an idea on how to set this up?:confused:
Um no, super user is just another term for root. They're one and the same. There is nothing that is above the root user on a *NIX system.
I don't know exactly right now..I need to ask my eldest brother for this one but:

you can set up the super-user in the Terminal application. It's some command like:

su-user = me
password: "whatever"

Don't type that because it's wrong...but I'll get it whenever I can...just hold on!!!
To access the super-user account in the terminal just type in su and then it will ask you for the root password.
You can also log into the computer as root to get the gui interface.

I believe you need to active the root users account in netinfo manager first, before you can use the root account
Yeah that's it. In the terminal all you need to type is su then type in your password. If that doesn't work let us know.

Thanks jag for reminding me!!! :)
Or you can boot from your os x cd and select change password from the installer menu. Click on root type the new password. Then re-boot into OS X and log in as your user go to system prefrences/users select login window. Select the option automaticaly login. Type root and its new password and select logout from the apple menu and it will automaticaly login as root. ;)
To become su or root:

Just go the NetInfo Manager, in the section users.
Click on the user you're using and for which you know rhe password.
In the window below, you will see a line with "passwd" and a value in front, click on this value.
Copy the encrypted pass and paste it to the "passwd" line in the root user.

The root pass is now the same as yours... and it takes 24 sec to do...

I like simple things... oh yes I like it.


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Originally posted by Smash
To become su or root:

Just go the NetInfo Manager, in the section users.
[...snip details of enabling root account...]

The easiest way to become root, avoiding the need to enable the root account, is to go into terminal and type 'sudo -s'. When it asks for your password, just give it your password (and you are an administrator, right?).

You'll then be at a root shell prompt. Be careful. Type exit to 'become' yourself again.

No need to enable the root user on your machine, sudo lets you do what you wish.

As root you have total access to every file on the computer. You can frag the system, other's accounts, and etc. There is a lot of warnings about using root because a typo can be dangerous and you can abuse other's trust :)

Since I am the only user of this machine and I have had over 10 years of "root access" in pre system 10s (6.0.8 was my first), I lack the justified fear of root :)
If you're root, using another persons account isn't hacking - you have the privs to all accounts under root intently.