Superdrive Issues


Attempting to burn audio DVDs in Toast 7. Used to do this frequently with earlier versions. Toast forum NO HELP at all.

Using the same media I have always used (from about the bottom middle of a current spindle), I now get a "sense code error" every time (so far 8 times).

I tried reducing the amount of data, selecting 1X burn speed, trashing prefs, repairing permissions, and even installing Toast under a newly created user. Same thing. LOTS of coasters.

I am running 10.4.2 on an iMac G5 1.8 (1st gen), 1GB of Ram and about 50 GB of free space. Oh, the drive is a Matshita.

I was thinking it must be Toast 7, but folks have told me this sort of error tends to be with the Superdrive. Is that true? If so, is there anything I can do, short of replacing
Same as above! Have steadily decreased in success with burning, and am totally getting errors now.

Powerbook Ti 1G/1G; OS 10.4.2 (and 9.2.2); Toast 5.2.3
I got to the point where I couldn't get a reliable burn. I tried everything. Fortunately, I had paid for Applecare and they replaced the 2x burner in my G4 iMac with a 4x burner. Of course, I paid something like $150 for Applecare and the burner costs $50. Hmm. . . But anyway. . .

Actually---YES. All was well with it for awhile, and I'm hesitant to blame the "upgrade"; but possible.
I've downgraded to original firmware with no improvement; upgraded with newer firmware, also with no improvement, and finally downgraded to original firmware in preparation to call AppleCare. CD reading does work just fine, just NO BURN!

BTW: it's got to go in anyway, as video intensive tasks garble the screen--a whole different senario!

Thanks for the help anyway. Nice site--wish I'd have found this years ago!
Arrghh!! I have been having bigtime Superdrive problems as well!!

I get this error at least 30% of the time when burning DVDs:

Sense Key=Hardware Error
Sense Code= 0x09, 0x01

My system:
iMac G5, Tiger (latest release whatever it is)

This error happens when burning DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+R DL.

Happens if I burn at any speed, although less commonly when burning at 2x than 8x.

Happens using Toast Titanium whether I burn as DVD-ROM or DVD-Video.

Any ideas??

MUCH thanks!!

Doesn't sound good. I believe I saw a similar error from Toast. My DVD burner was defective. I had it replaced under warranty.

That was in my iMac G4.