Superdrive superdive


Hi there,

My old man has had a problem with his superdrive in his G4. Apparently he put in a DVD to play and now can't get it out. The problem is it now seems the operating system (osx) doesn't think the drive even exists. I can hear it constantly spinning up and down but I have no idea how to eject the sucker. The eject key on the keyboard doesn't work and there's no dvd icon to drag to the trash. Any cd/dvd related software tells me there's not even a drive there. So, can I get the dvd out? Is the superdrive dead? Any help much appreciated!

p.s I'm a pc user so be gentle.

Try restarting while holding down the mouse button until the Apple logo comes up at start up. That usually works.

Think I had this problem once.... I was just about to send it to Apple, when, after a few hours, holding down the eject button worked anyway. Crazy, eh?