Support the RC5 Race!


For those who have extra CPU cycles and are willing to contribute them to a good cause, head on over to Team Macnn and sign up for any of the distributed computing races that Team Macnn is taking part in!

RC5, Seti, and a few others are in currently in progress.

Or you could enter said contest and not join Team MacNN, and if you win the contest, you will get $2000 instead of $1000
I'd rather join the "Libertarians for Privacy" team (Team No. 1661) seeming as the chances of getting the prize are astronomical--might as well make a statement.

FYI Darwin still doesn't prevent processes with their priority set to 20 from sucking up CPU from other processes. It isn't as bad as before, but it's still using cycles it shouldn't.
I turned in about 8500 blocks yestertday, adn the odds of me finding the winning key are one in 6700. when you consider the odds of winning the lottery are one in millions, the chances of you winning the $2000 are pretty good.