Swap dir, ownership


I'm runnin 5G64, and I've moved the swapdir to another HD (named Swap). Then after reboot, I realized that there are "Swap" and "Swap 1" in /volumes.

"Swap 1" had the active swapfile and it's located in the same HD as the system, so I guess there's no point...

anyway, after looking around and trying to find out why this happened, I realized that the ownership of "Swap" (not "Swap 1") had changed to 'root' somehow. After changing the ownership and rebooting, "Swap 1" disappeared and swapfile is in "Swap" again...

but somehow the ownership of "Swap" changed to root again (I have no idea when) and after another reboot, "Swap 1" was there again...

anyone experiencing same kinda problem? any idea why this happens?
It happened to me a few times (before 10.1 though). I deleted (using sudo rm -r) the /Volumes/swap and /Volumes/swap1 and everything returned back to normal after a reboot.

Be very careful when you use sudo rm -r... You can really mess up your system if you do not type the command correctly.