Swing plugin


In order to run a java applet I have to download a plugin to my browser called Swing. Is there such a thing for OS X?
Swing is a java class file that is used in java apps and applets to provide a system independent user interface.
U don't need a special Swing class file for mac os x cause Java is system independent, and all the java stuff will work on macs ,pcs and whatever supports java.:)
Ok, sounds good enough for me!
But, it seems to me something is missing anyway.
In this case I try to run an Tivoli NetView web client which claims it needs the Swing plugin. In wintel environment the applet loads fine if I have the plugin installed, otherwise not. The same thing happens here in MacOS X; the url loads ok but not the applet. Is this a matter of configuring Netscape/IE?
I'm running Netscape v6.1 and IE v 5.1/ MacOS X 10.1.

i heard that ie for os x doesnt yet support java [applets].
im not sure whether netscape does.
if netscape supports java, i dont know y netview won't work.
btw, the java swing class is already installed on mac os x (by default), n there shouldnt be a need to install any "plugins" for that.
you could also try to launch the netview applet via apples webstart application (or whatever extactly it is called). its located in the utilities folder!
Hey, it worked!

I couldn't make either of the browser to do the job so I tried the Applet Launcher as you suggested. It loads the applet alright and I can log in to the NetView server. But then it doesn't work any further I'm afraid. I can see the map as expected and click on the menu items but I can't click on any objects in the map....mouse problem? still an applet problem? incompatibility problem between java implementation on NetView server (win2000, NetView 6.02 and MacOS X10.1) ?