Switching apps from keyboard

David R

I have the dock set to autohide, but of course this works even if it isn't.

Press the command (apple) key and the tab key. The dock will appear and an application will be shaded. Keep pressing the tab key to switch between running applications, let go to select it.
this works much better than in 9 - the context only switches when you let go of the command key, not with every press of the tab key
it still doesn't switch to the last used app first, though. That would be very nice. Makes switching a lot faster if you have a bunch of apps in the background that you don't want to switch to anyway (like clock, finder and grab).

If you accidentally command-tab past the app you wanted, just Command-shift-tab to go back. I believe this is similar to Mac OS 9.

I use Proteron's "Liteswitch" under OS 8.6 -- what a great little piece of software -- free, too: http://www.proteron.com/liteswitch/. It puts the command-tab action in OS 9 and X to shame, letting you quit/hide multiple applications while switching programs, all with a couple of keystrokes. :)