Switching iPod onto Auto Update from Manual...


Now, I've got it so my iPod has all songs and my computer only has a few songs that I really like. For a moment I need to switch it back on to the mirror system. What I am worried about is that if I do this, my iPod will delete all songs except for the ones on my computer. What I really want is for the computer to copy all songs from the iPod (this is my home computer) with no problem.

Will what I fear, happen?
Not necessarly. For now temporarily, right/control click on your iPod in the Source list in iTunes, and select iPod Options. In the window that opens, choose Manually manage songs and playlists. Now you can connect it to your other computer and all should be fine.

iTunes won't transfer songs to your computer from your iPod. You have to get a third party app for that (see MacUpdate.com).
Ah... thanks.

Just installed iPod Linux using your installer. Tis nice. Nice work on the installer, easy to use for anyone, which is good.