Switching newspapers to OSX


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Let me know your thoughts on switching high volume shops to OSX.

I think it is closer than we think. I can do it without Adobe and Quark, although tough.

What are your thoughts?


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OS X has some definite strengths over OS 9 in the enterprise environment. You have more control over configuration and user profiles, and if you have windows boxes too, OS X more seamlessly integrates with it.

Of course for a production shop, the question is whether or not the DTP and support software are ready yet for OS X. 'Course I think Quark runs fine in Classic as does Photoshop.

Do your computers have enough RAM? RAM is so dirt cheap now, there's no reason to have less than 256MB.



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rharder has a good point, as always more memory is better.

For a production shop I would definately make sure that you'll not be stuck w/ an unsupported printer. But damn, if that "windows/mac font" issue hasn't been resolved! That's the only reason I would switch a shop over now.

It's gonna be a lot of whiny folks for a bit (I know, I just switched my office over) but if I had important deadlines, I'd wait for a weekend to test...

My two cents...


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I am ready to switch over the production side of our design department once office comes out, we (OS X users) now have inDesign, Illustrator and Freehand carbonized, I love networking on OS X and is you are a production house and using anything less than a B&W then it is time to upgrade CPUs anyway so you should definitely have the power, plus we already switched over to Server 10.0.4 (It takes so long for the update to come in the damn mail!) so I think we are almost there and if you toss enough ram to Photoshop in classic it runs really well, so thats my opinion (BTW Freehand is great for doing multi page layouts)


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For any print production environment, there are still a few missing variables for OS X to take hold.

First off, the underlying grunt tools. A big one of those is font management. Suitcase 10 for OS X will be here in mid November.

Next, you have your illustration applications. Freehand and Corel Draw 10 are both here. Illustrator 10 will be here in a few weeks. If you are one of the few who use Canvas, it's here too.

Then there's your raster image program - Photoshop. It runs fine in Classic if you have a fast enough Mac (G4 or better) and have enough RAM. God only knows when Adobe will deliver the carbonized Photoshop. It was expected in January, but since InDesign will be released then and Adobe has made any mention when to expect Photoshop, it's looking unlikely. Maybe we'll get an announcement at MWSF 02.

Now for page layout apps. If you use PageMaker, you will have to live in the Classic environment. Same for FrameMaker. There are no OS X versions planned for these products.

Quark 5.X will be released sometime next year. Anybody familiar with Quark knows that probably means Dec. 31st 2002. Quark runs pretty well in Classic if you can handle that.

InDesign 2.0 is due in Q1 2002. It will run on both 9 and X. I've been using the beta and am thoroughly impressed. It has just about every feature I ever used in Quark 4.0, and then some. Plus, with it's configurable keyboard shortcuts, you just push a button and all your Quark key commands work - no need to relearn the basics.

I'm betting that Adobe will make huge inroads with InDesign 2.0. Quark should be very afraid....


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I'm betting that Adobe will make huge inroads with InDesign 2.0. Quark should be very afraid....

no kidding....Operating systems aside, InDesign 2 islooking to be the big daddy of layout apps. Layers, transparency, etc combined with a quarkesque layout style will make it the Quark Killer Indesign 1 was to be.

Too bad InDesign need a whopping machine to run quickly, and Quark can still put out a product running on 14 MB RAM. The design industry is NOT rich by any means, and huge machine upgrades are going to hurt.