Symbolic link and CDROM


MACMame uses .zip files to store ROMS. What I would like to do is store the zip files on CDROM and the symbolically link the Roms directory to the CDROM drive so that I could load them without storing them on my hard drive. I have two problems.

1. It is a long time since I have used Unix and can't remember how to symbolically link
2. I don't know which file in the /dev directory is for the CDROM.

Usually like in Linux, I would expect that I could use /dev/cdrom but anyway, if anyone can through me some info to help me along, it would be great.

I see that this could have some other good applications such as software that indexes image or movie libraries. I play around with digital movies editing a fair bit, and convert most stuff to VCD (providing I am sure that I don't want to mess with it anymore). That way I can play it on my home DVD player. Cheap video storage at 80c a pop.
Thanks for that. I sussed out the ln command and have linked it the the volumes one instead. linking to disk1 did not work but I did not check to see if other disk numbers would.

Works a charm
I don't think linking it to an entry in /dev will work, since those files are filesystems. Essentially, you would have a link that acts like the /dev entry that was linked to, which, needless to say, isn't terribly useful. The /Volumes method is the way to go. Now if only the Carbon Mac MAME would support 3D hardware and gamepads.