Sync folders



So you can use iTunes to sync the last 3 unwatched, or newest 5 unwatched etc video from iTunes to iDevice. But can the same be done for syncing regular folders.

I have an iMac which has my external HDD which has all the TV shows I watch on it. I have a MacBook which I use to sync with my iPhone so that the last 1 unwatched episode of whatever TV show I have is on the iPhone.

That works fine, but I'd like to go home at night connect a USB Stick to the iMac have an app start which will detect that show X's modification date has changed because I copied that show from the USB drive to the MacBook to then import into iTunes.

And then copy the next TV show to the USB drive.

I have looked at Hazel and some other file sync apps (ChronoSync), but to no avail.

Any pointers would be welcomed.