Synchronizing Handspring

Red Phoenix

I've read from this forum that people have been generally successful in synchronizing their Palm OS devices. I have a Handspring Visor Deluxe, and so far have been unable to synchronize it in classic mode. I installed Palm Desktop off of the MacOS 9.1 CD that came with MacOS X (and installed it in classic mode). It runs, as does the HotSync program. My question for people who have gotten it to work is how they installed Palm Desktop (before or after X), and how they're plugging their cradle to their computer. I've switched between using a third party USB hub and the hub that comes with the latest keyboards (but have not tried directly, since I have quite a few USB devices, not that they work in X). For your information, I have:

MacOS X 10.0.1
Blue and White G3, Revision 1 w/ 320 MB RAM
Two installations of MacOS 9.1, one to boot off of, one on my X partition for classic

-Bruce Adcock
You have to launch the Serial Port Monitor app and just hope it works. There is a glitch in the Palm USB software that (at least with my Vx's cradle) requires the cradle to be plugged into the keyboard or unplugged and plugged back in after you launch Classic.

Hope you have some luck with this. Palm get the native soft out soon!
I have since gotten this to work. It turns out the actual problem was that Palm Desktop on the MacOS 9.1 CD is either incompatible with my Visor, or, more likely, you should not install Palm Desktop while in X. I booted into my copy of 9.1 for Classic, and it still did not work. Just to make sure I did it right this time, I installed Palm Desktop from the original CD (they were both v2.6, as far as I could tell, anyway). Synchronization works flawlessly in X, as long as I have Palm Desktop open. Incidentally, I've gotten into AvantGo recently. For some reason though, my Visor doesn't realize my G3 is done sending files, and so calls the sync a failure. I doubt anyone on this forum will be able to help me here, of course, since it's not the place for it. It's just annoying to have to synchronize from my fiance's PC in the morning just so I can read the New York Times and Brunching Shuttlecocks in class...

-Bruce Adcock
Well as far as this being the wrong forum for talking about the problem i don't think so. I have been having problems with osx and syncing avant go ever since i installed osx and its driving me nuts. I got it to sync 1 time since i install x and it was right after i restarted my whole computer and instantly loaded classic then hit sync. But otherwise anyone know how to get these to work together or if this is the wrong forum where I should be going?
Sorry, I miss-spoke. As far as I know, this is a good forum to ask this kind of question. The reason I didn't think anyone would be able to help me with AvantGo is because I can't even get it to work correctly when I'm booted up in MacOS 9. For some reason, the computer finishes synchronizing but the Visor never catches on. Then it thinks that there was was something wrong with the connection and throws out everything it got. It's very peculiar, because I had this problem just trying to _install_ AvantGo on my computer, and had to resort to a PeeCee to get it on there. Let us just leave it by saying it's very annoying. But anyway, I'm going to have to figure out how to get it to work in 9 before I can get it to work in X...

As for your question, does everything else synchronize? If so, you might want to check your conduit settings.
Well I don't want to turn this thread into a non-os x related subject but i did start having this problem only when i started running os x (any one having success with avant go being emulated in 9??). But what seems to happen is that when it opens the avant-go part of the sync it goes through all of its connecting and then grabs all the avant-go info, but in that process the computer seems to figure that the sync with my palm is done so it just stops short and no information shows up in avant-go on the palm (it says i have it installed but not channels selected even though the avant go software downloads all the channels and their updated pages to my computer during the sync). But yes, all the syncs before avant go's work just fine, and none of the ones after it (like backing up and things like that) are ever gotten too when it drops me. Any idea what conduit settings i should be looking at that could have changed it from working in 9 to not working in x... your problem just sounds so similar to mine though my computer has been at least a little more kind to me. thanks alot for whatever you can offer though.
Its kind of odd on my computer. It doesn't recognize my Hotsync user when running under classic, but it will still sync. It starts syncing avantgo and dies about halfway through. I'm getting an m505 soon so I will have to try things out again when I get it.

btw there is a new version of the Palm desktop for classic available.
When I get a chance, by which I mean probably around two tonight, I'll try and install the new Palm Desktop. I haven't gotten around to it yet, since I feel a need to do it in MacOS 9 (and haven't booted out of X since the time I wrote my original post). I have since checked over my hotsync long and found out that my current problem was brought on from installing AvantGo from a PC (because of the problems I had installing it from my Blue and White G3 originally). The AvantGo that I have installed on my Visor Deluxe is 4.0.769, whereas the AvantGo conduit manager for the Mac is only at 3.3. I refuse to feel like such a traitor, and am going to remove AvantGo from my Visor and try installing it again on my computer. Now that I know to look at the hotsync log, I may be able to solve the problem. One thing I would suggest is if we all post what our hotsync logs are saying. We might find a common problem, and be able to fix it. I am currently entertaining the idea that it could have something to do with the synchronization speed, but until I look at the log, I won't know. I'll post more when I find out.

-Bruce Adcock
It's been a while since I last posted about this, but I only got around to working on it yesterday. It was triggered by the fact that AvantGo 4.0 was finally released for the Mac. I can now synchronize AvantGo et al while in OS X. The only real issue is that it takes freakin' forever. The AvantGo log says my last sync took 273 seconds, whereas earlier ones on my fiance's machine took less than half of that at worst. I have a feeling that this has something to do with a slower USB connection speed through Classic, but obviously I don't truly know. This is still better than having to resort to a Windows Moi machine, though.

-Bruce Adcock
I still can't find 4.0 for the mac so i couldn't really respond to say if it helps me or not... maybe i am writing prematurely because i haven't looked extremely in depth but on the web site i hit upgrade and only got 3.3, i see their m-business 4.0 advertised but thats about it. Any ideas? I will let you know how it works for me when i get it. I am excited at the idea of being able to sync up with avant again...