Syncing iBook and G4


I have two Macs, a G4 and an iBook. I like to have them setup such that I can use either machine and always have the same environment (tools, documents, preferences, etc). As one machine is a laptop, I have to copy the files to both local disks, so it also works outside my house.

The principle is simple, I guess. But how to implement? I can see two different approaches:

1) every time a machine is booted (or resumed after sleep) it looks if the other one is there. If so, it starts to sync.
The question than becomes: how can I perform an automatic action as soon as a system joins an airport network and sees the other one?

2) every time a user logs in or logs out, if the other machine is there, syncing occurs.
The question than becomes: I know how to start scripts etcetera on log IN, but how do I implement a script to be executed on logout

Finally, what is the best syncing utility for this purpose?

I have the feeling that a full solution should be not too difficult at unix shell script level, but I don't know how to 'catch' events like 'network joined' and 'session login/logout' (which is obviously different from shell login/logout).

I am looking forward to your suggestions! Daan.
Im in the same boat! I have a G4 and an iBook, I use both and when Im at home I don't really touch the ibook, until that is I have to use it for business outside my home-office, then I hurry to get all the files that I need off my G4 into my ibook, and's kind of crazy!

Help needed here too!
I got this idea from some forum and have been using this method for a while. I have a desktop g4 tricked out with lots of peripherals and a Powerbook for work. When I work at home I do the following,
Use the Powerbook in Firewire mode to connect to the G4. This mounts the Powerbook as another drive on the G4 and allows access to all of my Powerbook apps and data. I then use my Powerbook Apps with my desktop peripherals and work away. At the end of each day, I simply copy the contents of my Powerbook to my G4 drives as a backup. This gives me a complete backup of all of my data and applications and ensures that I am always data synched.
It is a nice idea to use the iBook in Firewire mode, but it does not fit my planned usage: I like to use both Macs at the same time: 1 for/by my girl-friend, 1 for/by myself.

So I am hoping somebody has any clue how to do this!!!:confused:

You can use Applescript to Automate the syncing.
it easy to do in 9.1 but you will have to learn how Applescript to do in X.
But anyway, here how to do it in 9.1
1. Create a directory for all the sync files on your G4.
2. Set UP Ibook to mount G4 harddrive through the network when it boots up or set it up a to connect through firewire.
3 Run ScriptEditor in Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS9): Applescript
4. Under Controls, Select Record.
5 Copy sync folder form G4 mounted harddrive to where ever on ibook.
6.Go back to script editor, under "Controls" select stop.
7. Under "File", select "Save as" and save as a Classic Applet.
8. Copy new applet to Macintosh HD:System Folder:Startup Items
When the IBook starts up it should copy the folder or give a simple error message (if G4 is not present). The only problem with this is it will not overwrite the older "sync" folder the second tome you run, so you will have to delete it or learn Applescript and write a more elaborate script to deal with that automatically.