Syncing Two Macs With a Palm


The short question is: Can I sync a Palm Zire 31 with two Macs without losing data? And, if so, how? Right now my Palm data is hopelessly screwed up. I have three multiples of some contacts, while my datebook info is absent in some cases. And missing memos in some cases. I have a G3 desktop at the office running 4.2.1 Palm desktop software and an OSX Powerbook laptop also running the 4.2.1 Palm desktop. I also have Microsoft Entourage on my Powerbook. I have read in some places that syncing two Macs is a problem and when I had a PC syncing with the G3 I had no trouble.

I am eager to make something work. I can stop using one of my Macs if necessary, but that seems to defeat the purpose of a PDA. I can buy third-party software if that addresses the issue. I can beginning using iMac, Address Book and iCal on my Powerbook, if need be (But I would miss the Memo and Task lists).

I would greatly appreciate suggestions about how to deal with this. Hopefully soon, because I think I am about to go crazy.


What's the G3 running? OS X, too? Then iSync should do the trick. Might even be better if you synch the Macs with .Mac, too... But basically, Palms are known to create havoc when synching with more than one computer... I've even had my Clié create problems when only synching to one computer and one mobile phone, basically because any device has slightly different formats for saving contact/calendar info... You also have to make sure what the rules are... But can you first tell what exactly you're using to synch on each computer? No iSync at all, just Palm Desktop? I think a move to iSync could improve your experience...
Thanks, fryke. My office Mac is a 9.2.2. And I don't think that will change anytime soon. My Powerbook is OSX, 10.3.9. I thought about the .mac account but worried about security. Wouldn't want my calendar and address book to be available for all the web to see. And, with the OS9 on the desktop, doesn't that eliminate the iSync option? That's why I have been using the Palm desktop and Entourage. One more thought. I plan to upgrade to Tiger in the near future. Any thoughts?
Try this: set up the palm desktop on one computer so that
the mac overwrites the handheld and on the other mac set
it so that the handheld overwrites the mac - you also will
need to use the exact same username on both computers.