System Hardware Look Up


I am very new to MACs and just purchased a B&W 400MHz to mess around with Mac OS software. I have 2 questions:

1. In OS 9.1 can you tell the processor speed and memory amount?

2. Can I use a standard IDE Hard Drive that I pulled from a PC on this computer? If so, how can I use this instead of the Hard Drive that came with this MAC G3? The B&W came with a system restore CD, and when I put it in and press C at start up, it just brings a folder with a question mark. I put the origional Hard Drive back in and it then brings up a disk with a question mark when I press the C at start up.

1. Sure thing. Just go to the Apple System Profiler in the Apple Drop down menu.

2.You can use a HD from a PC, as long as you reformat it with the Mac OS Extended settings. Your Mac should boot off the CD when you hold down the "C" key, regardless of what HD you have on the bus. Some tips:

1)Make sure the jumper settings are correct on the HD. (i.e. Single HD, or master and slave if you have both HDs hooked up)

2) Reset the PRAM. (Wait for the Apple Chime, and then hold down Option, Apple, P and R)

3)If both of these don't work, try starting the machine up with ONLY the CD. (Take both drives off the bus, and try a "C" key start up that way)