System Image Utility Help....


I have an X Serve running 10.4....

The company I lease my computers from gave me the new Tiger CD so I can upgrade all the current clients from 10.3. I put it in the X Serve and ran the System Image Utility.... it ripped the Tiger DVD, etc....... I made it accessable via NFS.

How do I make the clients install it? (I selected automated install... and not to erase the entire hard disk - I just want it to upgrade). Is this a simple process? Does it sound like I have set it up correctly? I upgraded one client using the disc manually... and it went fine... didn't delete any local files, etc.... will the install from the server be as clean? (I'm a bit scared). Oh, and I don't have Office as a package on the image, but each computer has it installed - it won't remove it will it?

Any comments on this would be really appreciated.......

Also, does anyone know of a good backup program for X Serve? I have about 4GB of personal drives I want to backup onto DVD. For some reason, just trying to burn them as normal (drag and drop onto a blank DVD) doesn't work. Any advice?

Cheers guys....


So long as you use the upgrade version/section of the netinstall cd then you should be fine with out loosing office. You can also add the office install to the tiger image and do all the install upgrades at once. How many comps are you upgrading just out of interest? Net install and netbooting is'nt quite as easy as apple make out but i believe that tiger server has many more features within 'system image utilty' to make this sort of thing easier.
Another option (easier) would be to take the machine you have upgraded put office on that, mount it via firewire to the xserve and take an image of that to then roll out
to the macs. This is only if your machines can be wiped completely and reinstalled.
Hope this helps



I have... um, 10 computers to re-image!

I *can't* have data wiped when I do an upgrade via Image Utility. Some of those computers are personal laptops which have lots of data and settings stored locally. Do you think it will keep this data? (I'll back it up first, but it would be a big inconvenience for me to have to put all the data and settings back on). When I upgraded to Tiger using the same DVD but locally on one of the computers - it was totally fine - all settings, data and software preserved.