System just keeps crashing, help!!!


Please tell me if anyone in here has this problem before. When i turn on the system (mac os x laptop), i hear the system running but the screen is just nothing but a blue color. Also, sometimes i logged in the system successfully and went through all the applications without any problem but then after a little while (10 minutes max), the screen just appears to be in the same situation - nothing on the screen. I tried to turn it on and off but it's still like that - couldn't hear a sound or anything. It left me with no choice except taking the battery out and put it back in.

FYI, the battery is full everytime i use the system. Also, it said something like "because the clocked was set before march 2003, therefore, it has been running erratically. You need to set the clock manually so fix this problem" however, I fixed it but it remained in status quo. Please help....

It sounds like you might be missing some system files, or maybe they're damaged.

Have you tried to boot from the install discs that came with the mac.
Restart the machine (with the boot CD in the drive) and hold the "C" key down until the system folder boots the CD's files.

This is a basic system folder but it should let you run the mac without any problems. If it has the same problem it could be a hardware fault and will need to be professionally repaired.

Good luck.