Tablet Pc Vs Mac Conundrum


A friend posed the following question .....

"I have been using an Acer Travelmate Tablet PC for 2 years and have experienced excellent usage in tablet mode. One of the main applications I use is the Franklin Covey Tablet Planner which syncs with MS Outlook. However, I am considering purchasing a Powerbook as I am wanting to increase my DV editing skills and believe learning Final Cut will be an asset in my quest to be a more proficient digital storyteller.
The bonus of the Tablet has been that I have only needed 1 machine for my management tool and have enjoyed using the Windows Journal and Covey Planner applications.
If I am to purchase a powerbook I believe I will need to acquire a PDA of some sort. I also need a portable gadget /tool to store music / photos / data and use as a voice recorder with an extra attachment such as an iTool. Additionally, I need a new phone.
What would you recommend as the best combination of tools for DV editing, personal organiser, communicator, email and phone, photo/video/music/data storage?

Hope this all makes some kind of sense."

What would you recommend? The more responses the merrier!
i would say, why not continue to use the tablet for all the things you currently are stuck for a solution for. the tablet still works? or are you selling the tablet to pay for the pBook? to use them simultaneously would be the solution, and also you have a windows compatible to fall back on when the compatibility fails.