Take a look @ that bill!


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I just got my phonebill!!!
$134 USD!!!! Considering that everymonth the most I pay is $30 this is HUGE .... so what happened ??? well my ISP went under, got another one, and used an access code which was in the same area code as I am .... thinking naivelly that it would be covered by my "unlimited calls to your local call area" but it wasnt! :mad:

Sooo.... 6190 internet minutes later (for a month) I get this bill ... well I payed the phone bill, kicked my ISP in the @$$ for not having an access number in my town like most other ISPs and switched to another one that does....



(subsequently I will have to delay the purchase of some language books that I wanted lol ... no french, german & italian slang & cursing for me yet :p .... I wonder if there are any free web sites out there ... )
That blows!

Thank god you weren't calling Mexico. My girlfriend went down there and tried to make a collect call, they told me it would be $6/minute. Can you believe that?

Given I live in a remote area with no broadband at all BUT...

I find it frikkin stupid the lack of 800# accessible ISPs. Can somebody tell me that "800 numbers have too slow of a connection" or some bs to make me happy? I spend hundreds$ to dialup 'cause my job fixin macs takes me all over B.C. and I have to dialup from hotels (albeit to play on this forum;) LOL)

Sure, I can take the local shop's dialup settings, but give me a break!

It seems that too many people take broadband access as a given and dialup service providers couldn't give a sh*t to maintain their business, they are just waiting for it to die out.:rolleyes:
jdog: "Thank god you weren't calling Mexico. My girlfriend went down there and tried to make a collect call, they told me it would be $6/minute. Can you believe that?"

Ah, the things we do for love:D
Hello,,,,,,,,,,this,,,,,,,,,,is,,,,,,,,,,Mexico Tel,,,,,,,,,,calling.You,,,,,,,,,,have,,,,,,,,,,a,,,,,,,,,,collect,,,,,,,,,,call,,,,,,,,,,from,,,,,,,,,,your,,,,,,,,,,girlfiriend,,,,,,,,,,will,,,,,,,,,,you,,,,,,,,,,accept,,,,,,,,,,the,,,,,,,,,,mortgage?

-RacerX, does your girlfriend work in Mehico, or are you too busy on these forums to join her?;)
ISPs dont have 800 numbers because they cost too much. 800 numbers are free to you and me (unless you or I own one...) but, if you own one (like the ISPs have to in order to provide internet access to the callers) you are charged a fee for essentially having a number exempt from tolls.
thats the story with the 800 numbers...

PS...try living in a dorm (and having to pay top dollar) to call your girl friend who is 6 hours away...some 100 + phone bills have come way...it really sucks...
My old old ISP (who went outta business :p) had 2 number in my town and one in each town surrounding me, so I had 10 numbers to choose from (in my "local calling area" as the phone company puts it) ...

6 hours away isnt anything at least its a "short" drive awat .... my last girlfriend is doing her studies in the UK so it was a booood distance (damn atlantic :p) ... lets see /.... internet to chat, GSM cell phones to send SMSs and the occasional call, and calling cards to call .... also time difference to deal with ... ahhh the things we do for love .... unfortunatelly 1.5 years after the advents of the lengthening of the distance it fell appart...

I think that this time I might find a more local girl :D (hmmm or not ... foreign places have their charm :D lol ... )

oh well back to phone bills ... I payed the damn thing, the cheque is in the mail... the money is as good as spent ... now no spending for the next 3 weeks to save for my trip :p

I might even be cheaper to pay the gas and drive to an area considered "local":D

I actually know someone that accidentally racked up about $800 in long distance charges using an AOL dial up number that evidently wasn't local. I never did find out how much of that they ended up having to pay.