Takes forever to boot X.1!!!!????


I just installed X.1 on top of my 10.0.4 (with WebObject 5 installed.) Don't know why, the first boot up is quick (immediately after the Installer restarts the Mac) but all subsequent boots will always stuck at

"Starting application service" and then stuck again in

"Starting authentication service"

I left it finish booting the whole nite (the 2nd boot), so I didn't know the exact length of time for it to finish booting.

Also, the dock doesn't show up after the 2nd boot!!!!

Any suggestions?

Sometimes my bootup hangs for a while when starting Apache. Someone once said boot-up is faster if you're not connected to a network. You might give it a try for kicks.

Until last night, I hadn't rebooted since I put 10.1 on, so I don't know much about "subsequent" reboots.


My computer used to have the ?System folder? for about 4 seconds, then booted up. and it took a long time. So I held down the option key and the apple key. And starts up soooooo fast, It's wierd:confused: ut it works!