Taking the plunge - first real project


Who, me?
I'm a professional coder on other systems, but a Mac user at home. Switched about 2 years ago and haven't looked back (tho' my MacBook Pro does still have an XP partition for usage with my GPS).

Aside from the occasional command line utils or Java app, I haven't really done any real "Mac programming". I decided to go ahead a jump in with both feet.

I'm doing a 'blog to chronicle my learning and my screwups. Feel free to follow along at http://learntomac.blogspot.com/

I hope no one minds if I drop in from time to time to ask a question.

Like for instance, when putting a list of values into a table (NSTable), is it better to sort the values first, or teach the Table how to sort? I'm just using the default storage method of Core Data which appears to pickle things in a hash, so it's all in a different initial order each time you run the app. What's the best way to handle that?