Tangering Clamshell


hello there,
i was just hoping you could help me with my ibook.
1. i recently upgraded to a broadband connection with sbc yahoo and wanted to revive my clam, using it primarily for surfing and reading email. how do i set it up for this? (note: last time i used this was with a dial up connection)
2. will the OS allow me to also go online wireless, using a USB adaptor? (my clam doesnt have a pc card slot)
3. and lastly, i recently bought an ibook G4, and it had the new OS with it, can i upgrade my clam with the new OS? ive tried putting in the cd, and all it asks is to "initialize the cd?".. i clocked on yes and it just ejected the installation cd...

thanks for your help in advance..

1. Well, if you already have some sort of router, whether it comes from Apple (Airport) or some other vendor, you're off to a great start.
2. Nope. Don't bother. WHy? Because the clamshell iBook was the first Apple computer with wi-fi antennae built-in. All you need is an original Airport card. P.S. And, just so you know, Mac support for USB wi-fi adapters is sketchy at best, but mostly nonexistent.
3. Hmmm... well, you're not supposed to... and it seems Apple's doing a decent job of stopping you. I'm sure there's some way to hack it by unconventional means... But it's probably a pain in the butt, involved unix commands and invisible files and such.
1. Just connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the ethernet port on the iBook. You may need to restart it, but it will see the connection via Ethernet and you are good to go.

2. You can go wireless, only if you have a wireless modem from SBC or you have a wireless base connected to the modem. Then an Airport card in the iBook will work.

3. The OS CD that came with the new book is made specifically for the new book. You can not use is on any other machine.
Depending on which model Clam you have will depend on if it takes OS 10.4 (my assumption that is what you are talking about). If you have the 300 or 366 Mhz machine, you can only go up to 10.3.9 on it.
Plus the older ibook needs a firmware update before installing OS X.
3. The reason the OS CD is coming up as unreadable is because if you have a new G4 PowerBook, this disc will be a DVD-ROM. If you really want Mac OS X on it, the only way to do it both legally and practically, is to buy it and use the OS install CDs. (I'm pretty confident they still have it available on CD as well as DVD)