Alright, I'm really starting to like this hole OSX thing. From some advice from a few people on this list I have really customized my terminal. It really feels great. I'm a big advicate of finder pop and when I came to the conclusion that I couldn't have this functionality in OSX yet I was quit disappointed. Anyhow, what I'd like to know is how different people on the list have customized there .tcshrc files to do certain things. Right now I have set up alias for all my apps. I was wondering if it is possible to set up the .tcshrc file to check for email. How is this accomplished on the Mac. I was also curious what other ways people have customized this file?

Mike Romey
I have since switched over to ZSH, but in tcsh, there are a number of startup files you can have, .login, .profile, and .tcshrc. I have set some environment variables in my .login, I dont have a .profile, and I have even more environment variables all my aliases, and set my prompt in my .tcshrc.

You can clone my .tcshrc if you want. xaemyl@hive-mind.net