Teac SCSI CD-R in 10.1 with Toast Beta 2


Frantic Messenger of Hope
weirdness guys, weirdness:

i'm using a G4 450 with a Teac CR-R565 connected to an Adaptec 2903 SCSI card.

yesterday i download the Toast beta 2 for X. Load it up. Burn 2 discs flawlessly while running InDesign in Classic, iTunes visualizing in the BG, plus about 10 other random apps open in X. Put the computer down for the evening.

Today I boot up, load up Toast – whoa – no CD-R found. Odd.

I read the readme, and guess what – SCSI CD-Rs are not supported AT ALL in Toast for X, because SCSI CD-R support just isn't in X. But this is in stark contrast to the fact that yesterday, I was able to burn 2 CDs without a hitch. Now, although the CD-R DOES show up in the Apple System Profiler (albeit as a regular CD-ROM), Toast no longer recognizes my burner.

I realize that they explicitly stated that SCSI CD-Rs are not supported by Roxio or Apple (yet). BUT HOW THEN WAS I ABLE TO USE IT, AND WHY AM I NO LONGER ABLE TO?! i haven't chagned my hardware or software config at all.

Any thoughts?

I also have a Teac CD-R connected to built-in SCSI on a beige G3, and I have never gotten Toast to work in Classic or in OS X.

When you say your CD-R shows up in Apple System Profiler, do you mean the X version or the Classic version?

I also read that SCSI CD-R is not supported in X.
It shows up in the X ASP with the other drives connected to the Mac, even lists the correct vendor and product. Which is interesting that it can parse the data about the drive but not control the drive itself.

And if you can't get that Teac working with Toast under 9, you have issues that you should contact either Teac or Roxio about - I've been using this burner with Toast for years now.

its just too weird that it would work for one whole day and then POOF act like it has no idea its there.

Sort of like some "relationships" I've had ;) Computers get more human-like every day.