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has anyone managed to get the DVD player to work with a television? I chose 800x600 PAL and each time I launch the DVD player it quits complaining that the player doesn't support the hardware config. I have tried all other variations as well. I remember having the same problem with 9.1. I solved it in 9.1 by simply setting my main screen to the TV and then rebooting. This doesn't work with OSX however.:eek:

Never had that problem in 9.1 / 9.2.1, it seemed to play OK no matter what resolution I had the telly set at. But the only resolutions that 10.1 DVD will open in on a TV seem to be the lowest one, and then they won't play my DVDs, it just leaves a muddy green screen.

Godammit, I knew SOMETHING wouldn't work...
The problem is, I believe, that DVD on X.1 does not support multiple monitors. A tv-out is considered a multiple monitor configuration. I'm sure it will be updated in the future.

...from DVD Player Help

"You can view the DVD-Video disc on your computer's display or on a television screen, if your computer can be connected to a television".

Oh well... roll on 10.1.1
What always seemed to work for me on my TiBook is to have the TV set up like it's a secondary monitor and set that to display at Thousands of Colors and not Millions, it always gave me errors with Millions. Then I would set the resolution down to like 640x480 or 800x600 NTSC so that the image doesn't have to stretch as much to fill the screen....but for the most part, the biggest factor was having the color resolution set to Thousands of colors.

haven't tried all of this with 10.1 yet, but now that you reminded me about it I am going to...
ok what the heck? it won't work anymore. Having the TV as my secondary monitor in X.1 works beautifully but DVD player complains like crazy saying it doesn't support my config. I've tried every combination of resolution and color depth that I can and none of them work. Only one allows DVD player to open but even then I can't drag the DVD viewer window over to that screen. It doesn't work if I turn Video Mirroring on either.

anyone know anything about this?
I'm guessing that Firewire's comments are probably pretty close to the mark, and we'll have to wait for an update. However, I have more important things to sort out now - like clean-insalling the whole bloody thing because I've busted it somehow. doesn't work yet, and will be fixed in a software update soon.

If you go to
Apple Mac OS X support and scroll down, there's a section about the DVD player. One of those says that watching on a TV isn't supported yet, but will be in a software update soonish.
There was just an update posted for the Apple DVD player in MacOS X (version 3.0.1)

it doesn't mention your problem specifically, but there's always hope =)
Originally posted by BMarsh
There was just an update posted for the Apple DVD player in MacOS X (version 3.0.1)

it doesn't mention your problem specifically, but there's always hope =)

No such luck, unfortunately. Some poeople posted at that this hasn't fixed the problem.