Terminal and 8-bit chars


How do I configure Terminal to use 8-bit chars, like (tried some a and o with dots over them, didn't work so well in here )
Changing the String Encoding in terminal Prefs does not help.


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This has been mentioned a few million times in the past so I wouldn't hold my breath.

I've been considering porting Better Telnet to OS X as an alternative terminal. It has better terminal emulation and I prefer Carbon apps.

You can also try running X11 terminals like xterm and rxvt. They aren't drag+drop aware however.


Yeah, port BetterTelnet! I love BetterTelnet, it does everything the way it's supposed to be done. In Terminal I have to type "esc-o o" just to get a ctrl-o (postpone a message in pine). ugh.


Interesting feature in terminal is that if you write those special swedish characters in fx. BBEdit and cat the file it looks like rubbish. But if I get a similar file created on my gf's SunStation and cat that file in OS-X the special characters looks fine.


Do you have 10.1 or 10.0. As far as I know there is some problems with the Swedish characters in 10.0 the solution is to use the english keyboard.

I'm not sure if you can write ÖÄÅ in the terminal in 10.1 either but the terminal there should have support for unicode keymappings.

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Originally posted by leleka
has this situation changed on macosx 10.2?
Yes. It says so right on the Jaguar web page. UTF-8 support. I played a bit with the 10.2 Terminal yesterday. Looks nice. The split window thing is really neat, too.