Terminal colors


Ok, I got my terminal to go opaque. It's a neat little feature, but I want more. What I want the most is to have a my text color and background color different...such as red text on a black background. How would I do this...I've been searching for the answer, and can't seem to find it anywhere.

tcsh has built-in support for colors.

Type set color

press tab

type ls-F (no space)

ls-F is a tcsh macro which doesn't use the ls command which doesn't use colors. I have set color and alias ls ls-F in my .tcshrc file

You can also customize the colors by setting LS_COLORS, see man tcsh for more info
Actually for what he is asking open the Terminal preferences and set the colors under the appropriate section of the preferences.
Terminal.app doesn't even have 16 color support.

Perhaps the source from one of the MacOS telnet apps would make a better terminal