Terminal commands



I was just wondering if there is some kind of language reference that lists and explains all the available commands for the Terminal application. If there is, where do I find it?


There are several options available:
A) Go into the terminal and type "man" (without quotation marks) and you will get the "manual" of UNIX with all available commands (there exist quite a few of them )
but for me this method is confusing.

B) Get a UNIX book, a paperback doenst cost that much. Just get a UNIX reference book like UNIX in a nutshell or one similar to that


C) Look online and do a search for UNIX commands in yahoo or any other credible search engine.
here is another way to use the 'man' tool:

you can find all the commands, or binaries in these directories:
/bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin

do "ls /bin" or any of those and you will see all the commands available, now to find out what they do, type "man command" some will not have manual entries though.

I started doing this out of boredom a while ago and it is a good way to find out about commands I did not even know were there.
do as hotani says but use ManOpen (available at Versiontracker.com), it's a lovely utility for reading man pages. makes it easier to manage, to find things and to read.