Terminal FTP issue


Perhaps not to many are messing with the "Command Line" per say, but I love it, OS X is like the perfect Linux install with the Perfect Window Manager ....

Well anyway, the first thing I found is that, the command line FTP app seems to only work with "Text" by default, or period ? ... When I send or get a file other than text, the file will be mu-tat-ed, I don't want to say corrupted because the file will still be reconized as it's correct format, for example: if I download an image file from my web site, a GIF file lets say, the file will open up but only display broken lines of the image, when peeking into the file, the header info is in tack but the image info is scrambled... which tells me, either their is something not happening automaticly for encoding and decoding when sending or geting and I need to type extra arguments, or there is something broken.

I would love to be able to use the command line FTP, but it's useless for me with all this going on, except for uploading the html files, but how am I going to get those images uploaded ;)

Guess Tansmit 1.6 will have to do for now....

Would any of yall Unix / command line gurus know what's going on ?

you didn't say you didn't do this, so just in case.

type bin

goes into binary mode.

ftp> bin
200 Type okay.
ftp> get yum.tar
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for yum.tar (10240 bytes).
226 Transfer completed.
local: yum.tar remote: yum.tar
10240 bytes received in 1 seconds (9.68 Kbytes/s)

look for the BINARY mode data .. bit.

also look @ prompt (toggle prompting), hash (display
hash marks), mget (allow wildcards, e.g. mget *.tar).
more of course. so many more. hope this helped.

That's the trick! I did not know about setting the mode, I'm use to it all happening on it's own.