Terminal Key Binding (control+tab)


I am having a problem with shift+tab in Terminal.app: it seems to be bound to control-y somehow and I don't know how to undo this (I'd really like shift+tab=tab in terminal; this is the behavior for me in xterm). I've done "bind -P" on both terminal and xterm and the files are identical. I unbound control-y via "bind -r "\c-y"" and then shift-tab was also unbound, but I don't know how to (permanently) bind shift-tab to tab. I naively tried to unbind this with "bind -r "\011-\t" but that didn't seem to do anything and I don't really know much about the details of the key bindings, etc. I'm using bash on 10.3.9, but the shell doesn't matter, it seems to be an issue with terminal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!