Terminal or tcsh question.


I'm trying to get TinyFugue configured for OSX.

One of the things I need is macros. In TinyFugue you /bind keystroke command. I wanted to bind commands to the function keys since, by default in Terminal, I would think they're doing nothing.

HOWEVER, if I hit any function key in Terminal in TinyFugue, it dumps me back to a command prompt and suspends the process (the same functionality I see when I hit Ctrl+Z in bash in *nix). Typing fg takes me back into my application, of course.

The question is, why is it doing this when I hit F1-F11 and, more importantly, how do I stop this so I can bind commands to these keys in TinyFugue. Is this a Terminal.app issue or are the keystrokes bound already somehow in tcsh?

Okay...I just installed bash and it displays the same behavior as it did in tcsh. I'm assuming then that Terminal is somehow intercepting my Function keys and dumping me out of my process....Uggg.
Yeah, terminal isn't that hot..

Try this command.. see if it helps:

stty dec

That sets the console to use "digital equipment corp.'s" terminal keymap.

Doing that cleared up some oter terminal funkiness for me.

Sigh...No go. If I do as you suggest, then go into TinyFugue, then hit any Function key. WHAM, process suspended with a PID displayed. fg takes me back in, as always.

I'd love to know how and why it's intercepting my Function keys. I'd sure as heck take a carbon/cocoa Terminal replacement right now to get past this issue ;)
On third inspection, this could be localized to TinyFugue only. In ftp for example, F2 gives me ^@ which could be correct for all I know.

Anyone care to DL TinyFugue and attempt to figure this out for me. There's a gold star and a cookie in it for you :)