Terminal shows [Process completed] on launching

John Melby

Ever since I installed 10.1, I've been getting the message "[Process completed]" when I start up the Terminal.app, after which I can't do anything with the Terminal. I've tried everything I could think of, and only one thing seems to work: namely, to reinstall OS 10.1. This will get rid of the problem for a short time, but before long, it starts doing it again. I've already reinstalled 10.1 seven times, and this is beginning to get a little old.

I remember seeing something in a MacFixIt or MacNN forum about this problem with 10.0.x, but I can't seem to find the appropriate search keywords to find the relevant posts.

Can anyone help, PLEASE?
I had that problem once in the Public Beta. The problem was that the tcsh shell that terminal was using went missing, along with a bunch of other BSD related files. The fix was to change the shell in Terminal.app's preferences to use one that's not missing (I used zsh) and then copy the missing files back from the install cd.

I never saw an explanation of why the files went missing, and it never happened to me again. The only thing I had done that I could think of was trying to run the classic finder as an application, which crashed the computer shortly before this problem.

I think there were relevant threads on the macnn forums, which have since become less than usefull. If you're able to search old threads there, try searching for 'shell' and my username (mishakim). I'm at work right now and can't recall the paths where the files should be, or I'd tell you.