Terminal Stucked


Apple seeder
Terminal is stucked if i open the terminal the only thing i get is a windows with [process complete] i dunno what process.....and i can t type anything..please heeeelp!!!!
Sounds like its either not starting a shell or the shell is dieing. Try checking in the prefs.

Were you running a diffrent shell than the default (/bin/tcsh)? If you were its possible that 10.1 either moved it or changed it somehow, you might need to change shells again.
you're terminal is 'stucked' eh? do you have it so it executes a command when you open it? maybe try checking the terminal preferences to see if there'se something funky in there.
if i change the pref and change theshell from default to bin/tcsh and try the su command i get

rr-56-18-71% su
_tcsh: /bin/tcsh: Exec format error
Try creating a new user, logging in as the new user, and starting the terminal. If it works, then the problem is almost certainly with your shell and/or your shell init files.
If jeffg's suggestion works, su to root and change your "real" user's tcsh config files like .tcshrc in your ~/ dir and there are some others, I think in /etc/.
This happened to me some time in June, when I was in Colorado working on a web site..........

It just said process completed and I couldn't do jack shit.

I don't know a lot about UNIX, but I just reinstalled OS X.

OS X Install CD knows if it is a first install or a install-over.

If you just run the installer CD it fixes any broken files, keeps all your preferences, and fixes everything. (You might lose a couple of preferences and that's it).