Terminal Zombie


No it's not a rock group.

I had one terminal open.
I went to launch another terminal and got the little swirley hang status icon.
Console said: /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app/Contents/MacOS/Terminal: kCGSErrorIllegalArgument : windowGroup: error getting ordering group property


When I went to close the terminal process with process viewer, it said terminal was in a status of "Zombie."

I could not kill it and could not open any other terminal windows. So I finally had to force quit it with key commands. And it did'nt like that very much either, but it finally did the trick.

any answers? what is Zombie?
A zombie process is one that has ended but hasn't freed up it's resources. Sometimes it is refered to as a "wedged process." Evidently, sometimes this staus won't change until reboot. However, i didn't have to do that. Way to go X.

It's like unix with it's panties in a wad.
Well, to explain further.

A zombie is a child process (ie a process created by another, for example Terminal) that has exited, but the owner hasn't received the reason it exited. Until the owner actively does so, the process will be left as a zombie. If the owner exits, the zombie will go away.