Terminally Ill eMac seeks serious help, for LTR.


Alright, so, I've got a 256 Mb, 800 MHz eMac that's running the default 10.2 version. I've had it since summer 2003...

here's a list of problems:
1) ApplewWorks is impossible to use. I can't write more than a couple sentences without the pinwheel popping up and spinning for minutes on end. When it stops, it could be 3 seconds before it begins again, or if I'm lucky, then 3 minutes, but it's constantly stalling.
2) Help Viewer never works. For some programs, if launched from them, it may occasionally load, but it's slow and prone to crashing. Mostly, it just crashes immediately.
3)I can't update past 10.2. I have both seperate and combined update packages for 10.2.6 and 10.2.8 on my computer, but neither will actually load.
4) There are probably other little problems I'm forgetting.
5) Probably unrelated, but about early July last year, the Display Analogue Assembly blew out or fried or whatever verb is appropriate. It had to be replaced. It was then that the Apple repair folks warned me something was officially iffy. They offered to look into it of course, but their fee was just too expensive and my comp had already been out of comission for 2 months, and I was desperate to get it back.

If I have to back up everything I've ever loaded in the past 2 years and take drastic measures, then I will... but if there's a simple(r) solution, I'd like to try it.

I have Norton SystemWorks, and it's caught a dozen little things, but my problems remain. I've run speed disk a couple times, and there are no virii according to Norton. So something is still lurking on my comp. I admit I've downloaded my share of pirated games or shady apps, tweaks and mods in the past. But since I got my comp back from it's "Display Analogue Assembly" transplant last September, I'm wary about what I download. I sure that whatever it is that's wrong has been wrong since (let's say) last spring. It's frustrating because it's running below par in some areas, but it mostly works fine.

As a side note, my sister has an identical eMac. (We got them at the same time as graduation gifts.) She hasn't bothered with many official updates, and she certainly hasn't touched shady programs like I have. Hers works as smoothly as it did the day it came out of the box. She even still has the default desktop background and settings.

Ok, I know this was rather long, but I'm just desperate for solutions. If you need me to be more clear about something let me know. Thanks.