That Sux - LexMark all in one Printer


Just bought a lexmark all in one Printer scanner thing. It says on the BOX on system requirements, Windows rubbish and quite clearly, MAC, both OS9 and OSX, cool, I was excited. Took it home and alas...

There are over 20 Lexmark Printer drivers except the model X2350. I looked at their web site, of course, all different Windows Version for this particular model.

I rang Lexmark, "oh sorry we don't support Macs for that Model"

"But it's printed on the box quite clearly"

I rang the store where I purchased it from, "you didn't use the ink did you?"

"Of course I did, I did a photocopy"

"well ah...."

I interrupted, "that would be Lexmarks responsibility for having Mac support on the BOX not mine"

After a minute of consulting someone in the back ground I get the 'all right return it'.

Now how many Printers do I have to go through to find the right one for my eMac OSX10.4.1? I think m mothers printer and scanner all in one is an Epson and that worked with out any issues on her MacMini.

Talking bout a bad day, I also purchased a Belkin DVD kit to plug composite Video into the eMac, "nope sorry, don't support Mac"

I've never came across a hardware compatibility problem on me old machines by luck, but in this day and age, where have they all gone wrong????
That can't be right. I have a Lexmark X2250, and it works just fine with my Mac. I'm sure it came with custom drivers from Lexmark, as well, and these are very nicely done with minimal fuss, accurate readings for paper types and ink levels, and so on.

Still, on looking at their site I was able to find the Mac drivers for my 2250, but not for the 2350. Strange. You could try that driver, though: OS X&target=

Quite frankly, I've never really been happy with the support I've gotten from a printer manufacturer EVER. I think their margins at the non-professional end of the market are so tight and competitive that they really let support slide, and all the makers are equally guilty of this.
That was the problem, there are several other LexMark drivers already on OSX including Tiger, except the 2350

Oh well, paid the extra $20 for a HP and it works!!!!! :D