That's all, folks


I finally gave up today. I reinstalled 9.1 because running OSX had so completely FUBAR'd my Mac that there was really no other choice. It went from running fine, to running fine in Classic, to crashing frequently (Classic only), to refusing to run any applications in Classic, to finally not even <i><b>starting up</b></i> from the 9.1 system folder.

I gave OSX the benefit of every possible doubt, even so far as praising it profusely just one or two days ago in the Success Stories forum here. Going back to 9.1, though, has been such an unbelievable breath of fresh air. Everything <i>works</i>, and it's so, so much faster than OSX. Opening a menu, moving an icon, heck, even selecting an icon, were all slow as slow can be even on my fairly new iMac loaded to the ears with RAM. Now I'm back in 9.1 where I can access my LAN, open applications, write e-mails (I can't BELIEVE how horrible the Mail program was in OSX), and above all else, <b>just get stuff done</b>.

I hate for it to end this way, I really do, but I can't go back to X until they make a lot of significant changes. And yes, I did have the 10.0.1 updater. I want to do things <b>my way</b>, not the way Apple thinks is best. I can't even space my icons the way I want them on the Desktop, for crying out loud. In 9.1 there's a preference or option for everything, but in OSX you get one or two options to change (in any given preference panel) and a flashy, glowy button. No thanks.