The Apple Difference


In today's issue of the WSJ, there's a comparision of DVD recording systems. The systems included a 733Mhz G4 and a Compaq Persario 7000. In the article author makes the following points:
1: The price difference between the two machines. The G4 costs $3500 vs $1990 for the Compaq.

2: The Mac is far easier and better for recording DVD's.

3: iDVD is far superior then the PC software used, DVDit! LE.

4: QuickTime kicks butt. (Iam paraphrasing)

What disturbs me about the article is his final paragraph where he advises that people should wait for DVD recording to get cheaper.. Huh?? He admits that the Mac is far superior for the intended task. Hmmm. My only response is this: you get what you pay for. If you want cheap buy a windows box. If you want to get the job done buy a Mac.

How can Compaq sell a computer with a DVD-R drive for $1990 when the basic DVD drive (which unlike the Superdrive does not have CD-RW capabilities) is close to $2500?
Of course I priced the Superdrive if I bought it directly from the manufacture and it was roughly $5000. So the G4 w/ Superdrive is one hell of a deal.
I wonder if the mac comes with a handy guide titled "how to become a famous actor & director using this G4" hee hee hee.... I would buy one in a heartbeat!

--> superdrive is cool! <--