The Benefit Of Combo Updates...


Just a note to reinforce the benefit of "Combo" system upgrades. At least, I think so...

I have been having the slow start-up of Safari for some time. I was running OSX 10.9 at the time. I was advised to remove an application called "Rapport" which was recommended by our on-line bank. I uninstalled it, but it made no difference. I checked for other files, including hidden ones, with "rapport" as part of the name and there were none.

Later I used the Apple upgrade to ElCapitan (Yosemite was never installed) but Safari still took minutes to open.

When the latest upgrade to ElCapitan was released, I decided to install the Combo update instead of the upgrade path offered by "Software Update". It took a while, but since then Safari has opened quite promptly.

No other issues noticed. :)

I've used the Combos in the past, but recently I've become lazy. Lesson learned.
I agree ! Combo updates actually beneficial. Rather than installing the bits and pieces, combo update installs the entire enchilada.